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...a little bit about the last 1987, and thoughts on "turbo-balance"


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Feb 18, 2002
87-188 recently went through the auction line at Corvettes at Carlisle - While it did not sell, it was an interesting car to see. The airbox for example, was cut << way open >> and most of the flat filter area was exposed. It utilized the same air inlet design of the 88-90 cars and had the big bar upgrade.

Enjoy! :v

From the achives...

... my car was done in september of 1989 and given the sequence #188. I think they only made 184 B2k cars in 1987. This was not a B2k option car. Reeves told me they would tack on the number for the model year of the Vette converted. 87 converted in 89 would still be a 87 in Reeves book. GO figure. It was suppose to be a 400hp 565lbs of torque conversion. It had the wonderbar and it was a turbo 400 with a laycock overerdrive unit in it. The car was in excellent shape. I liked the car alot. It was very stealth like. No aerobody but it did have the Dymags.

For those that have TT's I would do a little test the next time you drive your car. Start your car and let it idle up to a very low temp. Your intercoolers must be cool to the touch. Go flog your car(please do it in a safe manner and place- if thats possible) it has to be under boost. Don't do it too long and don't do it long enough your engine comes up to too high of a temp. Pull over and lift your hood. Feel your intercoolers. On mine one would be hot and the other cool to the touch. The factory gage always showed the correct amount of boost. Now over time the radiant heat from the motor would heat everything up. Thats just the nature of aluminum. I never thought about it. After installing gages (installed in the feed tubes going into the intercoolers) as close as possible to the turbos outlet. I found that one of mine was lazy. The boost was less and would pop off earlier than the other. I adjusted that turbos wastegate and after a few times I had them correlating together. The car ran better. The funny thing was I never saw a difference in the manifold gage. I dont think I raised the boost as much as it increased the volume. I didnt Dyno it after that so I can't substantuate the effort. I know the intercoolers came up to temp together after that. I mounted gages on the drivers pillar. I did it so I would know what my turbos was doing. I suggest the same. You might be missing some ponies you dont know about!

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