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A question about synthetic oil


Eric 70

I wanted to post this on the C4 section, and also on the C5 section. I have a '70 Vette, but I just bought a 2000Rustang GT. I am due my first oil change, and want to go with sythetic. I am looking into "Royal Purple". Has anyone had experience with this brand? I was also researching Amsoil.
I used Amsoil in my 1961 Corvette after rebuilding the original engine, but of course breaking it in for the first 2500 miles with regular oil so the rings would seat. I then put over 75,000 miles on it with no problems. The engine was like new when I sold it.

Also used Amsoil in the 1985 Corvette I used to own with good results.

At present I use Mobil 1 in my 1990 ZR-1 because it's the factory fill on the later model ZR1/LT5's and to my knowledge, the only one recommend and approved by GM!

I've heard of Royal Purple, but don't have any experience with it?

Here's a link to the Royal Purple Web Site: http://www.synerlec.com/


I run Red Line in my 81 and have had no problems at all, not one single leak. The local hot rod shop pushes Royal Purple and I may try it one day, he's a real gearhead and loves hot rods & Vettes, had a 700+hp 1980 so I trust him not to sell junk. Just make sure you break the motor in using regular oil unless the manufacturer specifically states otherwise, also check your warranty to see if using synthetics will void it. Haven't tried or heard anything good or bad about Amsoil.
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Eric, I don't know if you've seen this post:

Originally posted by Rob
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I'll be the first to admit that I love looking at Vette pictures and can never get enough of them. However, for those of you that aren't familiar with web design/development, pictures do slow a web site down. When you're on broadband, or accessing a T1 line, pictures are a moot point. The page/site will load extremely quick and they aren't a problem. Unfortunately, that's not the case for a lot of home internet users. So, in order to abide by the mission statement that I set up for the Corvette Action Center a long time ago: "To deliver Corvette news and information as quickly as possible", I propose the following:

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Now this post was about synthetic oil...back to the the regularly scheduled program...
Royal Purple, Mobil 1 and Amsoil meet the Corvette specification 8714M. Redline has not been tested to this specification but I am confident that it will pass without a problem. I use Mobil 1 in two of my cars and Redline in the Vette. I just put Mobil 1 in the Vette because I just reassembled the motor and drained a pan full of Redline with only 20 miles on it, but that's another story. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them, but I personally think the Redline is a superior oil.

mobil 1 is an excelant choice I have run this oil since reading tests in consumer reports I have used it in several racecars and the inside of the engine always looks new when you do the maint engine pulldowns after the races, never any heat showing on bearings or rings the stuffs sure doing is job!!

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