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A Sad State Of Affairs



It's a vette owners worst nightmare. Leaving my office tonight seeing someone dumped paint stripper on my hood and to top it off,it's parked in a sheltered loading dock. No sleep tonight. I don't need to tell you all what I'll do if I catch the BASTARD. Tomorrow I take her to the shop. Any suggestions, paint is not my strong suit. It's about a two foot square above the lamp, hood only, no paint, right down to the glass. Should I shoot the hood only or go furthur. The car is mint and I THINK I should get a proper match but I'm really worried. Finding the right guy will also be a nightmare. No-one listed in my area. HELP:mad :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry
heres a thought

have you fired anyone lately? they would be on the top of my list :( sorry to hear the news ...
Thanks. Comp. will pay with a 250 Ded. so that I can live with. Haven't fired anyone, just some punk I guess. I just want her back to normal, it's like having a sick kid. Just hope they get it to match properly cause the ins. will only go for the hood. I wish I knew paint, like to do it myself. Very few people have ever touched this car. This ain't gonna be easy. On a positive note, the black 82 arrives next week. Can't wait. My first shark,even if it is my wifes. I can't have it look better than my 85. Hope to post some pics of both soon. Gotta stay positive,can't let a few punks ruin our day. And besides, she still looks and runs better than any FORD.

Bad news Dude! :(

:( It never ceases to amaze me with how people can be so @%!*#%% senseless acts %^#$@( dirty m(*^&^%r's ^)*&^%$%^$!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad
How awful!!! Very sorry about the paint thinner on your hood, c4ever. So senseless and so sad. I would like to have mine be a daily driver, but I worry that something like that will happen to mine. It would make me sick. I agree...it is like having a sick child when something happens to them. Let us know how you and your wife like your Black82.

Oh man! I feel bad for you dude. I always dreaded leaving my Corvette anywhere and stories like this don't help. I might be wrong, but if the thinner soaked into the fiberglass, you might have to replace the whole thing. I think that the thinner would end up rising and killing the repaint eventually. :( I hope I'm wrong, but Chris mentioned that the oil from a person's skin can do the same thing. --Bullitt
It's hard to believe that people can be so evil, but then again the recent events just prove it out. It's the same as being robbed (and my home has been robbed twice); tt's hard to get over. I hope that you can get it fixed to your satisfaction.

I drive my Vette every day. This is my dream car, but it's also a tool and I refuse to change my lifesyle for every punk or jerk. I just try to be smart about it.

And, Patti, drive that car as a daily!;)
I popped this over to the C4 section as it deals with your 85. Also, the CMC material that the hood is made from on the 85 is different than the old sharks. As a result, different things can happen.

I would suggest you look into yanking the hood off, and finish chemical stripping the whole thing. That way it won't get on the rest of the car and you can take it down to the factory primer/sealer. Please have someone really inspect the damage. If you can see any fibers, or if it is pure white where the paint peeled, you are into the CMC material. Depending on what they used, you may not be able to paint over it with 100% success.

Make sure the insurance company also looks very close at this. Otherwise you could have to end up replacing the hood anyway after it has already been painted.

Maybe you can make something sweet out of your lemons. May be a good time to look into a cool after market hood.
I'm getting better about it 98TXRed. :) After reading about
convertible tops being slashed and cars being keyed etc. I don't park it at the mall. or other busy parking lots. Since reading about many vettes having problems at theaters, I don't take mine there either. Maybe I should stop reading. :) I feel so badly for the owners.

You have a great outlook and some day I hope I can feel the same. :)


98TXRed said:

I drive my Vette every day. This is my dream car, but it's also a tool and I refuse to change my lifesyle for every punk or jerk. I just try to be smart about it.

And, Patti, drive that car as a daily!;)
Man, that's horrible. Sorry to hear that......
Hopefully all your hood needs is paint

Thanks for the advice. The shop took a hard look at the very issue you brought up. I did neutralize the acid in time with plenty of water and appears I saved the original hood. But it will require painting the nose,hood and feathering back towards the door . I am preparing for the ins. battle today. Est. is $1500. They'll probably say just shoot the damaged spot. Ain't gonna happen. I'm in no mood for their games. If their smart they'll do the right thing. I'll keep you all posted.
Thanks to all.
damaged hood

Although I have been a Vette owner and visitor to this site for only a short time, I am truly sorry to learn of your unfortuante situation. I have a sense that others who regularly post on this site and are true Corvette enthusiasts feel as I do, this is an affront to all of us. I know that I cannot truly know how you felt when you initially saw the results of this unforgiveable act, but I am sure many, if not all of us, would have felt similarly. Just a suggestion-since you are located in FL., would it be worthwhile to contact a facility that specializes in Corvette restorations to receive the best advice on how to proceed? Again, just a thought. Best of luck and don't despair. We are pulling for you!
Welcome to the forum, Ron. :) Hope we see you posting
often on the forum....it's a terrific place. :) Would love to see
a picture of your white convertible.

Quote " shoot the bastard and paint the hood.......in that order. I feel really bad for you ole buddy "

Ride On

:_rock :r :r :r
I pick up the 85 today. Came out like a champ. Spent an extra $200 to take out all the little chips while they were at it, she deserved it. Cost $500 out of pocket to do it right. Can't wait to take a little cruise tonight.
Thanks to all of you with special thanks to Carol:w :SANTA
for all your support.
I know it's a little early for Santa, but it sure feels like XMAS to me.:L :L
Glad the story has a happy ending..........some people are just SCUM!!! Especially since it was intentional! No matter how far away U park (we call it "Vetteville" even when driving other cars) there is always some yutz who is NOT a car person and just plain dumb! We had this big rock chip in the car's side...got it fixed and parked really far away...well..... lot filled up and this lady with 2 kids wacked it in the same bloody spot 2 days after it was fixed!! How did we know 4 sure? Her car was unlocked and when the cop opened her door it fit perfectly!!!!! Where do these people come from???
One things for sure, They ain't goin' to that big racetrack in the sky!:L :L

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