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About tires for a 87 C4



I just get a 87 Vette, I live in El Salvador, and there are not many of them here, I need to change the rear tires (BfGoodrich Comp T/A 255-50/R16), can not find this size here, it is possible to safely drive it with 245-50/R16 or 225-55R16 or something between?
I can import them, but airfreight is very high, almost the cost of the tire itself.


First, I would not run different sizes on the front & back. That might be good for the drag strip, but not everyday driving. Second, as far as chosing between the different sizes, I've been driving an 84' now for about 3 years with 245/50 16's instead of the original 255's, and it handles great. I've got Dunlops, but I would expect the results should be the same with any tire. If you had problems hooking up the rears, then you might want to stay with the 255's, but with my 84', that's not a problem. I also feel that the 245's corner just a little bit better, but that's just speculation. I do feel the 225's would be two small. Let me know what tires you are thinking of buying. I am getting ready to replace mine as well, and am considering the Kumho's.

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