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Question: AC But NO HEAT?


New member
Aug 23, 2018
1995 C4
Just picked up a 1995 C4; 49K original miles, great shape, runs great, fun to drive (new to the Vette group): On the way back from a maiden mini road trip; got into the evening, went to put some "Heat" on via the "Auto Climate Control" system; everything worked such as:
All Buttons Lit and Activate what they should, air flow, vents, defrost "Auto" - "Off"
Air Temp when activated climbed "Up" and "Down"
Outside Air Temp read properly


No matter what "inside" temp I would set it on; it just blows AC!

No "Heat"

Doing my research it appears that these models, these "Climate Control" system have their inherent problems but I couldn't find any like mind, that is NO HEAT blowing but everything else working.

Look forward to some of the replies and suggestions.


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