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Acrylic Tops (Blue or Bronze)


North 40

Hi to All!
I'm about to put out a good chunk of money for an acrylic top for my '93 Metallic Polo Green.
They can be ordered in either bronze or blue, and I'm hoping that the blue is not really blue, but more toward being grey.
What's your preference, and what do you think would go best with the tan interior, from an inside point of view
Hi to All......
I'm getting ready to put out a big chunk of money for an acrylic top. I hope the blue is not really blue, but more of a grey, from an interior point of view.
What do you think would be the best choice for my '93 metallic polo green, with tan interior?
North 40,
The Blue is really dark (Midnight Blue), looks like it's Black from the outside on my ZR-1. Looking out from the Interior it has a blue tint to it.

IMHO I think the Bronze would look better on your Polo Green/Tan. :_rock
go bronze

Hi North 40 ... welcome aboard! Dunno diddly about acrylic tops but I heartily agree w/ Steel Half-Shafts ... I think the Bronze would much better compliment your Polo Green baby than blue.
Yup go with the Bronze on your car. I have both tops, painted and the blue acrylic. One of the guys around here has the polo green and the bronze top. Looks good. The blue doesn't really look like blue to me. As Steel Half-Shafts said. From outside it looks dark, more like grey. I added a static cling dark grey tint to further darken mine. It works well in the summer to tone down the sunlight more. I like the painted top most. It's more solid and quieter. But it's nice being able to see out of the roof.
Cha Ching

I just bought one for my red on red 84. I chose blue partly because the guys I bought it from told me that blue is the most popular and partly because a friend of mine has had both colors and he said that the bronze makes everything look dead, while the blue is far less depressing. *shrug* We shall see. I need to see out the top because for a big guy (6'2, 265#) I can use all the extra room in that thing as I can get...even if it is only in my head.:crazy Besides, with a red car and red interior, neither color really fits.
Hi North 40
I have a Polo Green '94 with tan interior and bronze top. I like the look, don't know if blue would work as well. Just got one of those static cling liners for xmas, I find the sun a bit much when I'm using it daily driver.
North 40,

As others have suggested here, given the exterior/interior color combination of your Vette, I would definitely go with a Bronze top.

I have a Bronze top on my red '90. My personal choice would have been blue...again, because of the red/black combination, but I live with the Bronze.

Like the blue top, it looks black from the outside, but has a well tinted, brown color from inside the car. Hope this helps.

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