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Adjust hand brake


John L

On page 5-89 of volume 1 of the service manual under the heading: PARK BRAKE SHOE ADJUSTMENT, it states:

"Adjustments are not normally necessary after replacing the park brake lever or cables. The park brake is adjusted automatically by cycling the park brake lever three or four times."

It goes on to state, however:


"Never operate the park brake lever while the rotor is removed."

1. Remove the brake rotor. (Refer to brake rotor replacement (Rear) in Dics Brakes.

2. Check if the brake drum inner diameter is within specifications.

IMPORTANT: If the gap between the adjustor nut and screw exceeds 5mm (0.25 in) during the adjustment procedure, the breake shoe assembly must be replaced.

3. Adjust the parking brake shoe-to-drum clearance to 0.38mm (0.015 in) using J21177-A Drum to Brake Shoe Clearance Gauge.

4. Center the brake shoe.

5. Measure the brake shoe lining diameter across the horizontal centerline using J 21177-A. The diameter should measure 189.6mm (7.464 in) to 189.8mm (7.472 in)

6. Install the brake rotor.

7. Install two wheel nuts to retain the rotor.


Tighten the wheel nuts finger tight. Do not overtighten.

8. Cycle the park brake lever three times.

9. Rotate the rotor and check for drag. If drag is present, check and adjust the shoe-to-drum clearance.

10. Install the rotor. Refer to "Brake Rotor Replacement (Rear) " in Disc Brakes.

Good luck. (That's from me, not the book).

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