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Advice on starter



I need some members advice. I have an intermitant failure of the starter to engage on the 82. Wiring is good, battery good , etc. It can happen whether cold start or after running so it's not heat soak. I am getting power to the solonoid and ignition meters out OK. I just can't understand why I get nothing, come back a minute later and she'll start right up. It may happen four times in a row and may not happen for weeks! I would think a bad solonoid/starter would be more consistant. My question is should I replace the complete starter or solonoid only or am I way off base and should be looking for some thing else. She's goin' to BG in a few weeks and I really don't want to deal with this kind of problem.
Thanks in advance.

Save The Wave:w

Could be the brushs or a bad cell in the battery,I take it you had the bat. checked,did they do a load test or a check with a hydrometer (looks like a turkey baster).Always get a hydrometer check as it tells the specific gravity of each cell and can pinpoint a bad one. As starters go,I changed mine not long ago as it was 22 dollars for brushes and solinoid compared to 29.95 for a complete starter from Allcar.One last thing to look at,along the pass. side firewall is a set of 6 heavy wires with a plug that goes to the starter and alt., check that.
Thanks Barrier,
Battery is fine. I'll check the connection you mention. I did look up pricing on the starter and they were going for $100+ and the solonoid for about $25. I assume you went with an aftermarket rebuilt?


mine did this to, I had lights and everything so threw a battery charger on it and all, still wouldn't crank, then finaly a day later it fired right up, I am just wondering if it was the factory alarm causing this, I pulled the relay for it and it's never had the problem again
Never thought of that. I do have an aftermarket viper installed and it works great, never really thought that could be the problem. One more thing to look at, but I am getting voltage to the solonoid, I would think the cut off would prevent this if the problem were part of the alarm? Possibly not allowing enough current?

Thanks guys. This weekend it gets fixed one way or another.


It sounds like 1 of 2 things:

1) brushes are not making contact. This is very possible as they do not always wear evenly. Sometimes they will make contact, sometimes not, depending on the orientation.

2) could have a faulty neutral safety switch. If the switch is starting to fail it could cause the "sometimes on, sometimes off" condition.

I replaced my starter a while back as it was drawing over 100 amps when cranked! It cost me about $85 at autozone, with a lifetime warranty.

My thoughts exactly. First thing I did was check the neutral safety switch. Checked out OK.

I'm going with a starter and double check connections mentioned above. Did you find the aftermarket ones worth the few bucks in savings? I only want to do this once. A lifetime warrantee is great but not when the unit is in the shop every six months:(

Thanks to all for your quick responses.

I haven't had any problems with the unit from Autozone. If you're worried though, I'd just spend the extra $20 or $30 and get the Delco unit. Personally, I've not had any problems with Autozone or Oreilly's so I don't mind using their parts. If I ever do have a problem though, it'll be Delco only. I hope you get it all sorted out.


P.S. the starter isn't that difficult to remove if you have the stock manifolds. However, if you have headers and dual exhaust you'll have to loosen/remove the header bolts and disconnect the exhaust at the flange in order to get to the starter. When installing the starter, remember it weighs like 35 or 40 lbs so it is a little difficult to hold up and manuever under the car.
I'm running stock so I don't anticipate too much agony. Thanks for the advice. It'll give me a chance to do some house cleaning while I'm under there.


most alarms don't kill power to the starter they kill the cranking circuit, which is the purple wire, to test it simply turn your ignition on, then use a small screwdriver and touch it to the battery wire on the starter and then to the purple wire and the car should turn over, the nuetral start switch is alsoa good start to, most alarms with starter kill devices are tied into the crank fuse, I would say check the nuetral start switch first though since it is a very high wear item
Thanks for the advice Jeff. Looks like a busy weekend:(

Replace it

I Had the same problem with my 69 big block. Turned out to be heat soak. I replaced it with a mini starter from Summit. Best money I even spent. Spins faster, starts easier and it doesn't sound too much like a Chrysler when it spins over.
Yep it's the aftermarket,put it in,in april and so far not a hitch and been driving the car everyday.The only reason I change it was that I cracked the solinoid cap ,so I looked at the brushes and was going replace them also until I got price,figure mine was 20 years old so it was only a matter of time.So ( knock on wood ) I wouldn't be afraid of one of the rebuilds.

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