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aerobodied Vette in Netherlands (continued for sale section)


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Jan 5, 2005
Netherlands , Europe
1986 Black Coupe RPO Z51
Quoted from the FOR SALE SECTION

Or if you are here in the US you can buy the same color in a 1996 Convertible Collectors Edition Aerobody for less ;)

If anyone wants more info just PM me!

Good looking Coupe though

Mark, you really did read my mind.

my reaction on the Dutch forums was , that this car was interesting when it had the callaway run flat wheels for that price because then you get a sort of break even in money to build the SNAT engine in Leingarten

and avoiding importing a car from the USA and get taxes and VAT etc.

but since it has the standard late c4 wheels so the car is just a standard Corvette with a very special aerobody kit ;) :drool:

and Mark you know I am totally in love with Erin
her car :D

but I preferr a 6 speeder
you write for less ? did you drop the price ? or was the original price with the run-flat wheels


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Dec 18, 2003
Dallas, Texas
94 Callaway SNAT450TT,96 Callaway CE,91 B2K TT-001
We really haven't been trying to sell it...may just hold on to it for the kiddo (16 years it will be a classic ;) but as always with the right offer we would sell it to make room for a family car.

With the Euro conversion now's the time to buy if your in Europe :O

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