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After wreck 72


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Mar 28, 2001
Fort Worth, Texas
1972 Corvette (C3) LT1
Heres what my 72 LT1 looks like now after wreck in Feb 99.The girl who hit me had good insurance:) P.S. and no i did not shoot her :r She still Needs paint

The transformation is awesome :J all the suspension working good? WoW she is LQQKING good once more. Thanks for the pictures ;)

Much better


Now that looks better. As Bud said I hope she's mechanically back in shape too. That right front end looked pretty messed up. Thanks for posting a new pic. I tried to post one of my '72 but I gotta get it sized down at work. Definitely glad she had good insurance. I wonder how long they kept her after that claim. :D:D:D

Later.......... Nut
Now that is a heck of an improvement Tex but that picture is giving me a crick in my kneck :L.

- Eric
Thanks Everyone

Thanks Everyone, The Car is Running Great, THere Was No Frame Damage $ 2000.00 Later She is Ok . The rear spring is just wore out need to replace it & bushing/Shocks,Front Is all Brand New.Keep On Vetten:EYESOFTEX:s
Looking much better!

I can't imagine the feeling(s) that went through you when she hit you! It's amazing that was only $2000 worth of damage - it looks like ALOT more!

Glad to hear she's coming back together though, and hopefully you weren't hurt in the accident...

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