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Any problems with the run-flat sensors system when you change wheels but do not transfer the run-flat sensors to the new wheels?
This is my first time to use this forum. It is a great place to learn about all the issues with Corvettes. Thanks for all the information everyone has contributed.
Welcome to the forum. I can't answer that question for you, sorry, since I have the factory wheels. I think it should still work, but don't quote me. Someone will be along shortly to answer your question.

You don't have to use the sensors, but I would if you can get them to fit. I am running 01 Z06 wheels on my 98, but i could not get the sensors to fit. I am told to use thicker o-rings to obtain the needed clearance. Just have not found a place to get them. The DIC will display the message "SERVICE TIRE MONITOR SYSTEM" each time you start the car. Just click the reset button & it disappears. Just like the traction control message. SCOTT

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