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ain't it a beauty


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Jan 5, 2005
Netherlands , Europe
1986 Black Coupe RPO Z51
I found some pictures of a similar car as my future daily driver :)

btw it will be for sale soon according to the current owner.

enjoy the images






Cool! :upthumbs I have a neighbor with a Golf similar to that... it'd be really weird if it was a Callaway and I've lived near him for 3 years without knowing. :ugh It's very loud and fast so... :L I may have to take a closer look at it. Is there a Callaway badge on the side, or just on the rear?
the Callaway badging is probably done later,

because the C1 projects did not have these, the badge on the back of the car is the one on the early Corvette Twin Turbo;s on the side pillar.

when my car is ready I will ask (read BEG ) Callaway for one those badges too :D

the only badge provided was the one like in my SIG. there are 3 different versions.

1 with the oldest logo like on the intake on above pictures
2 the one from my SIG
3 similar to my sig but with Scirocco ( like the one on EBay last week)
Where is the one in your sig located on the cars?

somewhere on the dash,

not all got these dash plaques and the majority of the kits are re-used so maybe the plaques did not survive the transfer.
Hmm, that makes identifying the car a bit more difficult. I don't know the guy, so I can't just walk up to his car and start snooping around. :L

Next time I have my camera handy, I'll take a picture of it and see what you think.
Did you know that when you take a quick corner with one of these they lift the inside rear tire like a dog taking a pee?

It's pretty funny. ;)
:L I've seen that done with one of the old Mini Coopers. Pretty crazy! :crazy

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