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air conditioning dye test



My 1994 was blowing hot air 5-11-01 so I took it to be checked out. They did a dye test and found no leaks. They recharged it and it worked ine for the next few weeks. I had a water pump go out and had it replaced as well as ading a manual fan switch. I had this done a few weeks ago and had not used the air since. I went to turn on the air tonight but all I got was hot air. Do you think getting the manual fan switch hooked up could have messed up the air? I went out and unhooked the battery for 10 minutes but that didn't help, in fact that made the service ride control light come on!, any idea's on the air as well as how to get the service ride control light off?.
Man Jim,
I'm not to sure about the air cond. stuff, especially if your service ride control light came on out of the blue.
Hopefully C4C5specialist will chime in soon. He may be able to offer a couple of suggestions.

Questions please,
if you turn on the fan with your fan switch, does the AC start to blow cold????
There is no reason to touch the AC when doing a water pump, so that should NOT be a factor.
When you turn the AC on, do you see the AC compressor start to cycle??
I would agree with JT, as the shock motors might be in the rehome, and not be set, that is where the ride control light came on when you did the battery disconnect.
Please let us know how you do, c4c5
Today I took the car in to a mechnic friend and he looked it over. The compressor was not coming on. He checked the freon and it was empty. I will take it back tomorrow morning when he will have time to look for the leak and recharge it. My service ride control light went off while driving there. My friend told me it came on because of starting the car several times and then shutting it off without moving the car. Wwll I hope tomorrow brings a cheap fix, but we all know Corvettes don't have cheap fix's.

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