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Alternator belt


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Mar 12, 2006
2005 Victory Red coupe
while finishing up a oil filter and lube on my 81,I noticed that the fan belt for the alternator,sits in the groove on the alternator pulley,not high on the pulley.

The belts were put on new less then 1.4k ago when i bought the car and are like new.
This particular belt is not cogged,but it rides right in the groove on the alternator pulley,and sits actually lower then the pulley edges.

Is this correct? Just was wondering if the belt is the wrong type,maybe too narrow? Or is this the norm on these cars.

Tension is perfect and it dosent slip.

Thanks Ken


The belt should ride in the pulley flush or below a little from the O/D of the pulley. I have seen over time pulleys wear a little and the belt then rides lower in the pulley but as long as the belt is not bottoming out in the pulley it should be fine and it should be the correct pitch of belt for that pulley.


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Feb 17, 2004
Beecher, Ill.
78 Pace,black 79 and white 79, all L82s
Original ALTERNATOR belt from the factory was a .380" belt that (I'm told) they don't make any more. They did ride low in the pulleys. If you go the repro stamped belt route they give you a .440" belt(modern no. would be "15" as in 15/32"). These belts will ride higher on the pulley, even requiring you to go maybe an inch longer to get it to fit. AC belt originally was .500" belt so it might look weird seeing that thinner belt on the alternator next to that bigger belt. I wonder where your guy even found the thinner belt. What I learned in the past month is not to buy belts mail order, they(DrRebuild??)don't seem to know or want to help with determining the proper length. I ended up going to a good auto parts place where they told me if a certain specified size didn't fit(it didn't) to bring it back and they'd help me figure it out. Had to go 1" longer than the computer called for on 2 of my Vettes. Called for 53" and 52", needed inch longer both times because of the wider belts.

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