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aluminum rockers



I have a 81 with an all stock body. It has the black rocker panels under the door. I have now see a few 80-82 vetts with the brushed aluminum rocker panels on them. I dont beleive this was ever factory for these years. I think they stopped that in 79. Has any one ever put hese on a 80 -81 or -82 vette ?? I am wondering if the set for a 79 will fit with no modifications. Or if its going to reqire some customizing.

If you take some paint stripper to yours you should find some nice shiny aluminium. Mine are also black but they have a few stone chips on them and it is shiny underneath the coating. I am going to strip mine and repaint them. I`m not sure what the are painted/coated with but they are alloy and could be polished up to a nice finish with a bit of work. The trim round the windows is the same and can also be stripped and polished. I personally prefer them black on my red car but the brushed finish can also look nice with certain colours.

aluminum rocker panels

I stripped the paint off of mine. Used paint stripper and then Mothers Polish to bring out a good shine. My car is Charcoal Metalic so I thought the polished look was better than the black. I did paint the recessed portion (where the screws are) the same color as my car, gives it a custom kinda look. Just my personal perference. ZAL81
In 82 the covers are magnesium!

The older valvecovers will fit your engine. The 462624 heads used on your 81 are used from 76-82.

rocker covers

Twinnie, I believe that the post refers to the aluminum rocker panels that run between the wheel wells underneath the door, these are aluminum and can be stripped and polished! ZAL81
Oh duh... Note to self: READ BEFORE REPLYING!

I thought this was about valvecovers.. duh!!


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