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I have Aluminum Wheels that have been in storage for so long that they are very dull. I don't see any pits or deterioration on them but they do appear to have a very tough film on them. You can actually rub the film off with your hand but I can't seem to find a decent cleaner to get it off. I used some Mothers on one wheel and it brought back the shine but it took hours to do. Does anyone know anything that will get the job done a little easier. I don't mind spending the time on it to make it look right but if there is something out there that would be easier I am deffinately interested.

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Take a look at this prior thread :)


Click on this Thread for a lot of good information about Aluminum Wheels ;)

It took me about 15 minutes a wheel to strip the protective coating off, and another 15 to 20 minutes a wheel to get them shinny :D


Well, like everyone else, I too am in search of that "Mirror Like Finish":cool on the rims. After working with a number of different products, between compounds to "Mothers" and ALOT of elbow grease, I think I've stumbled on to something.
I picked up a bottle at Wal-Mart (in household) just to try, and WOW :s as soon as you apply it, you can FEEL it grip the grime!
A quick polish with a dry papertowel and TA-DA! your done.
Finally, something easy to apply, inexpensive and quick. :upthumbs
It kinda reminds me of that old commercial for Tarn-X, it works that good.

Helpful Hint: I purchased a set of crome cones that fit directly behind the spinners so I don't have to clean between the lug nuts.
What can I say, I'm lazy. :eyerole

Save the Wave :w

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