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Annoying Squeal


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Jul 19, 2006
1981 T-Top, Silver over Blue
I've got an annoying squeal going on when my '81 is driven about 45 mph. It doesn't happen all the time. I thought it might be a belt, but they all seem tight (about 1/4' play). The squeal only seems to happen when the engine is under stress. I've never heard it while the car is just idling.

One thing that worries me, I noticed it in a parking garage this past week...but only on right-hand turns! :ugh

Because of the garage incident, I've checked to see if something is amiss, or rubbing, but can see no evidence of anything like that. I thought about alignment, but the tread wear doesn't seem to indicate that. I'm wondering if there is a bearing somewhere that is telling me it's about time to be replaced? I'm no mechanic...never done more than change oil and plugs, and then only when I had to, so I have little idea what to look for.

Just bought the car this summer, and the previous owner claims to never have noticed a problem like this.

Any ideas? ;shrug

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