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Another Fun fact for '79 L-48 Owners


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Dec 16, 2000
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I'm continuing to read my book, the same that revealed the ZL-1 to me. It's one of the best corvette history books I've ever read or seen. Anyways, it says in 1979, McLellan's engineers tried combining fuel injection with an AIResearch TO3 turbo on an L-48. HP went from 195 to 280 or 290. That would have made an interesting vette, don't ya think? Performance didn't improve much though, 0 to 60 went from 6.6 sec to 6.3 with the turbo, and 1/4 went from 15.3 to 15 flat for the turbo. Still, a factory turbo vette, what a collectors item. I'm sure with a little aftermarket tinkering it could have been a screamer. Sometimes I wish I had enough money to turbo my '81, just to make it unique :). (well, my wish is to twin turbo it someday, but you have to start somewhere, and one would be just fine with me :):):))

mxdout - always looking for something new
It must be your lucky day


You asked for it.
MX check search in the box above and type in the topic Ultra-rare 81 4+1 Turbo. I think you will find this young mans find rather unique and very interesting. I haven't heard from him in quite some time now. Like yourself, he too is a College Student.

Hopefully he will be able to track the full history of his car and be able to share it with us someday.


I tried searching, and it doesn't seem to be working. I get an error message. Could be my computer, it fritzes out sometimes. I've looked all over the internet for turboed vettes from the 80's, but have yet to find something. They have to be out there somewhere, because they made a hood specifically for that application. I'll keep looking though. They have to be out there somewhere. Who knows, supercharging is always an option too :)! My bro has a 383 in his truck that he's gonna supercharge this summer when he graduates from college. I can't wait to see how it runs.

thnx for the info- maybe it'll work tomorrow

mxdout - you can all type max if it's easier, it's also a nickname of mine.

I admire your tenacity,(Silver we be so proud of me :D ) and your love of the Corvette. Keep reading those Corvette books. We can use all the help we can find. It is always a pleasure seeing you in the Saloon too :)
Thnx for the link. Hey, do you think you could fit two turbo's under the hood of an '81? One is fine, but two, that would just be awesome. I'm still searching the net for info, I'll let you all know what I find.

Were turbos dealer options? Or some secret Factory Option we weren't told about? Look at this car I found, too bad there's not much information on it. I'm determined now to uncover the secret truth of the Turbo C3 :) It's out there, and I'm gonna find it.


I'm kind of skechy on this, but didnt Zora build some C3 turbocharged test mules? I think some of the older guys might have the answers.
I'll check on the turbo Vettes when I get home. But I remember a Vette called the Duntov turbo. It never made to production but R&T or C&D tested a factory mule in 79 or 80.

I'll provide specs later.
Car&Driver tested a Duntov turbo in Nov 80. There was a production run of 201 with Zora getting the first one. The price as tested in 80 was $37,500. It was outsourced to a company in Ohio called American Custom Industries.
DC, thanks for the info!!! Do you have the article anywhere? or know where I can get it? Also, do you know of any websites dedicated to the car? I would like to find out all I can about them.

Anywho, thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.


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