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Another NCRS Question



Tonight I was talking to a customer/friend of mine. He brought up a good question......Where is the point of demarcation (a little phone company lingo there) for NCRS specs. Is it at the Corvette Plant or the Chevrolet Dealer. Example: The 1972(and others, I'm using 72 for instance) did not leave the St Louis plant with a luggage rack or right hand outside rearview mirror. These things were installed by the dealer. Would these items count against you for judgeing??????????As I said in an earlier post, I am a new NCRS memeber and have not yet ordered any judgeing materials, but I will soon.......Thanks......Steve

Boy, Steve, here we go again. The standard is that the car appears as it did at the time of final assembly at St. Louis or Bowling Green. I am not aware of any points deductions for genuine Chevy/Corvette dealer accessories such as the luggage rack. Non Chevrolet parts would, of course, be a no no. I would suggest you purchase the NCRS Technical Information Manual and Judging Guides for the years you will be working on. Like the ad says, they are a culmination of everything currently known about each model. A must have if your customers are considering having their cars judged. My wife had a Chevrolet Accessory Graphic Equalizer installed by the dealer in her '81 when it was new. I have often wondered how a judge would look at that or if he had ever seen one before. Tom
Tom, I posted this same ? on the "other" forum also. Got alot of good replys(Also got a little pixxing contest going) but the infamaous NCRS guru Juliet was the first to answer.....This is one I completely agree with. The answer as she quoted from the NCRS guide is.....St.Louis/Bowling Green. However, the point deductions are so low that with bonus points(other things that were not on the car originally) you could still top flight one. I just really thought it was an interesting question though...................Steve

Steve, I'm glad you got your answer. I haven't done any judging in over 20 years and there are a lot of fine details that you need to know about to be a good one. It's good to have Juliet around to help us out with these questions. I still say,get the books. I'll be getting the newest '58 to '60 manual and guide before I dive in deeply on the '59. Even though the engine won't be original, the overall appearance will be a very correct car. Tom

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