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Another scary "On The Road" movie


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Oct 24, 2000
81 4 speed

My friend and I popped down to a local show`n`shine today, ok it wasn`t BG but its not often you get to see 9 or 10 C3`s in the same place over here so it was worth the trip. Check out the show`n`shine section later tonight for the pictures they will be under the heading "Preston Park".

There was a guy there with a Pantera blowing off about how it had a Le Mans GT40 motor needless to say us Chevy boys were NOT IMPRESSED !!!!

Have a look at the m-peg, as soon as he saw the big red machine looming in his rear veiw mirror he pulled over I guess he didn`t want to find out !!!!

http://www.smartgroups.com/vault/Corvettes/81 meets Pantera?viewtype=Simple&shownum=20&sort=type
JHL, I love your movies. Please keep them coming:cool ........................Steve

My camera takes longer m-pegs but that involves working it properly where as the 15 second m-pegs are a one button press. Anything else is plain dangerous or as my friend said "stupid" considering the speeds involved. :crazy
Too cool

That was too cool. I love it! Nice bunch of Corvettes also.


How do you have your camera mounted, or do you even want it mounted? I have a friend that videos when he goes to Summit Point(?). I know the digital camera is a different operation than the video, but if you had it mounted wouldn't that be the same?

I enjoy your videos too. :) They're great!:w

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