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antifreeze pouring out



I just got back from a 600 mile vacation. No problems, I thought! I was out washing the car, dried it off and went on a 5 mile errand. When I shut the car off, green antifreeze started pouring out!. I can't see where its coming from. I started the car and filled the water reservoir with water, didn't help, steam started rising and I heard a squealing noise, the temp started going up so I shut it off. Is this a water pump problem or something bigger??. I got to thining that on the trip I did hear a hum when the air conditioning was on but it sounded kind of normal, not any kind of squeal. What do you think?.
My guess would be the water pump, But I am surprised to hear that it over heated that fast, unless it was dumping out gallons of coolant. We recently installed a new water pump on a 92, and while the job was not too big a job, man, have you priced those things........I guess I'm too spoiled by the C-3's..........Look at the bottom of the water pump, there is a small hole(weap hole) there, that is most likley where the water is coming from, if so, the diaphram is shot and you will need a new, water pump..................one little bit of advice, do not get a new GM pump, they are at least twice the price of one you can get at a local parts store, and the waranty is as good or better.......Steve
not the water pump

From what you've describe I think the thermostat stuck and thats what caused the fast rise and boil over :( . An LT1 will rise extremly fast with a stuck thermo. Water pumps do go but usually give sufficient indication....also the squeeling is just belts getting soaked. Now lets say it is the water pump, the direct leak line is a belt.
A pressure test will show a leaking water pump but please don't over look the thermo it is not uncommon.
Antifreze pouring out= Water pump

Well after the dealer checked out the car, it was a bad water pump. He said it's common for a 7-8 year old car with only 49,000 miles to lose a water pump. He aid the seals drop out. The pump is expensive, but by having the dealer do it I get a life time replacement pump and free labor if it ever goes out as long as I own the car.

Full warranty that is perfect, now at least if it happens again soon (providing the new pump is good) you'll know it's the thermostat, unless for preventitive measure you have that done too. Happy ending teacherjim :cool

I ment to say seals not diaphram, I was replacing a fuel pump when I made that reply. And Chick is right, you should replace the thermostat, especially after getting it that hot........Hope you have happier motoring here on out.........Steve

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