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any suggustions on an aircleaner?


Oct 27, 2001
1974 white ragtop
I am wondering if any of you have dealt with this before... Just put a Holley 4011 carb ( 800cfm ) on my fairly stock 1974 350.
Now with the additional height of the carb i cant use the origanal air cleaner ( that is if I wanna close the hood ) I put a little edelbrock air cleaner on it... the one with the foam filter, and it is crap. When it rains that foam becomes a big sponge. None of the parts stores here stock aftermarket filters.. so its a hit and miss situation since I would have to order one and try it. I took the foam out of the edelbrock one, and I am just using the screen mesh right now. It seems to keep cats and small children out of the carb.:crazy but thats about it. Any ideas other than a new hood... or a sawzall ;help

I have a 14" open style drop base air filter assembly with a 2-1/8" high element on my 81, with a stock hood. There isn't much extra for clearence but there is enough. If you can't find it locally you can get from Summit Racing 1-800-230-3030 or online www.summitracing.com
Welcome to the site , I think you'll like it here.

I was wondering if you've driven the car since the new carb,

Seems like an awful large one for a stock 74.

A dropped lid will help with hood clearance but it'll cut down on airflow.

Either way I hope everything works out for you.

Nice ragtop.

-You need a drop base air cleaner. Try this link: http://www.jegs.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ProductDisplay?prrfnbr=637&prmenbr=76
Use some puddy in a sandwich bag to determine clearance from hood inner.
-I wouldn't drive it with that flat head air screen you have on there. First dust cloud you go thru, and there goes your rings!
-And I agree with RalleyRed, you're running too much carb on that engine. Not that it can't be tuned to run rite, you'll never use it all.
Not trying to pick on you here, just helping out!
Best of Luck -Dave
the lowest availible am aircleaner is a moroso, height can be reduced further by a shorter element being used (by the way am running a ls6 w/650cfm, vacuum, runs to 6500 rpm w/no starvation problems @ 6000+ft altitude)
You could do yourself and your car a big favour. Put the stock carb and air cleaner back on. The aftermarket stuff you're running won't make any more power than the Qjet. 800 CFM is far too much for a small block.

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