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Anybody have 17" wheels on their C3 ??


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Oct 24, 2000
81 4 speed
I eventually got round to going for a look at the Billet Centerline wheels my friend has for sale. They look awesome but as with all good things in life they are not cheap, £1000 for the set.

The only minor problem is the size, for some reason he bought 7x17 with 255/40 tyres for the front and 8x17 with 274/40 for the back. He said he liked that sort of look.

Any of you C3 drivers running 17" wheels ??? They are expensive and he is obviously not to keen to let me try without buying but at that price I want to be sure the car handles ok.

Any comments ???

I have been exploring this off and on for a while and will have to get real serious about it by next year.

Since Vette Brakes and Products made the wheel adapters, folks have been putting 17 x 9.5 factory C4 rims on the C3 for some time now. A fellow in my town has a set of 92 style C4 rims on his 72 and they look pretty nice, and fit with no problems.

So, I would say hold out for a wider set. The fronts are going to be too skinny, and the rear not as wide as they could be.

You can get the five spoke ZR1 rims in the copy cat version for around $900 new, as set of wheel adapters from VB&P for a few hundred more, then any brand 17" tire that fits your budget to top it all off. That would look super hot on your car, and give you a wider foot print.

I flared my fenders giving upwards of 2 more inches up front, and at least 4 more inches in the rear with the flare and the addition of the off set trailing arm. So, I am still digging for sizes and answers (mostly that fit my budget).

I have a set of CenterLine Fluted Stars in 17x8 on my 79. They fit fine and with a set of 255/50/17 Bridgestone Pontenza RE70's I saw a handling improvement. Stock my 79 came with a 15x8 wheel, which had a 4-inch backspacing. I’m not sure, but I believe all c3’s had a 4-inch backspacing and came with a 15x8 wheel.
All four wheels have the correct 4" backspacing but the fronts have 1" less outward dish and they looked great when my friend tried them on his 78. I think one year of early C3 had 7 x 15 steel wheels ?????

I was more interested in how the car would handle with them. A properly machined inch spacer and longer studs would bring the fronts out level with the rears. I wouldn`t go and buy another set, it only because these are available and no doubt once he see`s cash they might be cheaper. After all there are hardly any Vettes around this area to sell them to. I only know of one other in my town and it`s a C4.

79er do you have any picture of your car that show off the wheels better.


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