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Anybody race any C5's or Vipers???


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
I was just wondering what the results were and how much you pull on the C5's or Vipers'.....Thanks

I've run a few stock C5's. About even off the line, but once the LT5 gets the revs up no contest!:)

Haven't run a Z06 yet, but it would be pretty even. IMHO I think the ZR-1 would take the top end though! ;)

Viper, forget it!! IMHO A stock ZR-1 would be hard pressed to overcome the advantage of all those Viper cubes!! :(
That is one thing I love about the LT-5 is its revving capabilities. You get those rpm's up there, and that's when that motor really wakes up:)


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I have never lost to a C5. I will be racing a Viper this summer I'll let you know how it comes out

I raced a C5 when I first got my ZR-1 last year. It was a slightly modified 2000 convert w/M6. My Z is pretty much stock except an open lid and an air filter. From a dead stop, kept almost dead even through second gear. Then going into third, the C5 misses his shift so I blow by him. I slowed down and waited for him and we lined up again at the next light. Same thing, even through second and he missed again! Since it was my friend and not wanting to attract cops, we just called it off and said we'll try it again some other time. Now if only I could find a stock Z06 and a lonely road... :D
In most every printed test I have seen since the viper was introduced, the production vette gained position as the speed increased, compered to the Viper. For example, 0-60 was Viper, 0-100 was the ZR-1.

The LT5 is VERY strong as it winds up, and the aerodynamics of the vette vs the viper makes a huge difference.

My 02 cents worth says the viper, ZR1, and ZO6 all are just different enough that any can be the winner in a particular contest, but they are the three fastest production cars ever in the US, and for ultimate sustained top speed, its the ZR1, as attested to by it's records, still intact after 10 years.

Picture this. A huge air conditioned garage, and one of each. Yep, that would be way cool.
I was talking to a guy that has a Callaway LM, he raced a Viper and he told me that, up to 100 the Viper will lead, but after that the Vette will win.
I have talked to a few others who have said the same thing.
Spoused to be nice here tomorrow maybe I'll make a phone call and take the Z out for some exercise

I'm right behind you 90. It's supposed to be 50 degrees and sunny here in VA tomorrow. The ZR has been sitting in the garage for over a month. :( I just ran out there to grab the owner's manual to help bobby reset his oil change light. I felt guilty....like I've neglected her. :(

I'm taking her for a good hard drive tomorrow to both loosen her up and relax me. :)
Cloudy here, but a spot of sun... I'm headed out. It rained last weekend, and enough is enough!
I finally got to race a Viper today.

The roads weren't to bad, normally I wouldn't have taken the Z out on a day like today, but I already had the race set up. So here we go:

My friend has a 98 Viper, nice looking car. I have a 90 ZR, both cars are stock. We arranged to meet at on off ramp of I79 (in Pa), as we merge back onto I79, we get up to about 90. We are goin to a club meeting, and have to get onto 279. This is a nice long 4 lane road (2 lanes each way)not exactly straight but it's good enough. We line up next to each other at 55, count down 3-2-1 and we both hit it at the same time. As I expected he got the jump till about 105, then I start gaining slowly at first. At about 125 I pass him, we ran up to 145, and shut down. To get to the meeting place, we had to gown down a twisty 2 lane road, the Viper was not able (willing?) to take the turns at the same speed I was.

Just my experiences.

90 Corvette ZR-1,

Nice to see you defend the Honor of the 1990 ZR1's so well! :)

I always figured that the Zee would be pretty hard to keep up with once you got the revs up and let those 32 valves do a little breathing!
Cool...thanks for the responses. It's hard to believe that the ZR-1 came out 11 years ago (with the exception of a few '89's) and is still running with all the big dogs.....Heck, it is the big dog:D!!

Anyone else?
I am glad to see that the Viper finally got ABS after 10 years, role up windows after 7 or so. Lets see if after 48 years if the Viper will still be made, and how many will still be on the road.

Modern Domestic pecking order IMO:
Callaway's (any Callaway)
Cobra R

Feel free to add your own.

Originaly posted by 90 Corvette ZR-1
Modern Domestic pecking order IMO:
Callaway's (any Callaway)
Cobra R

After the research I have done about Callaway's Supernatural package, I would have to say that any Supernatural C4 is the equal of even a mildly modded ZR-1 and definatly higher on the pecking order than a Viper. IMO "Callaway" should be changed to "Tunner" to include LPE, Mallet, DRM, Callaway...

The CobraR????? I would put a LS1 powered Coupe, or a SLP Camaro SS on the list before a Rustang. Fo*d is only building 500 of these things and they lack all the creature comforts that make the car streetable, ie. A\C, radio, back seat and sound insulation. You have to be a die-hard Rustang fan to drive one of these on the street.

Just my .02 :)

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