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Anyone ever heard of "Classic Auto Accessories of North America" Wheels?



Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum but a life-long Corvette fan. I just bought my dad's old '85 Vet and it has some parts on it I have never seen anywhere else. He bought the car used in '89 with these wheels already on it, so we don't really know much histroy on them, other than some stories. Hopefully someone can clue me in on them...

The car has a set of these wheels which were supposedly ultra high end back in the 80's, has anyone else ever heard of them?? I have only seen them one other time, on the back of a VCR tape called "Competition Corvettes". They are a true 3-piece wheel, 16", and they have "Made in Japan" stamped on the back along with the name. They are extremely light, maybe they are Magnesium?? I tried to find them on the web but no luck. Here's a link to a copy of the video tape: http://cgi.ebay.com/Competition-Corv...QQcmdZViewItem
The back of that tape has a Red Vet with the same wheels and is the only other place I've ever seen them... I'm trying to find a link w/ pic of the wheel but no luck so far. I don't know how to post pics, does anyone want to host one for me??


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