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anyone got a broken/smashed early C4 glass top?

Oct 30, 2001
Glen Burnie, MD, USA
1986 Bright Red Coupe
I'm looking to buy a busted glass top that'll fit an early 86 coupe. Frame must be straight, but that's it - no glass needed, no weatherstripping, nothing (though the bolts would be a plus). Want to experiment with something...
I don't have a top to offer you, but I'm interested in finding out about the "experiment" :D
Well, probably shouldn't say because it'd reduce my chance of getting a top to zero, but...

1. I want to play with an alternate fastening system for the roof (mainly, instead of screws from the roof into the frame using a bolt that stays in the frame and gets tightened by some means to the roof using no more than a quarter-turn).

2. I don't like the shimmy/shake when the top's off, but like the air. So I want to see if a plain roof frame bolted in place gives enough rigidity. I'm aware of at least one company that sells a bolt-on piece that looks like a targa top with the tops off, but they want $500! For less than that, I could buy a used roof and break it :).

I have a line on a roof frame for $125 from Corvettetops.com; I'll probably go with that one but was hoping for cheaper.

That Targa Truss is a very clean looking piece of work - but still more than I can spend :( My wife is still making noises about the Cross-Bar I bought from them...

Looks like an idea whose time has come, eh?
Ken said:

:L What kind of noises? :L

_ken :w

Get yo' mahnd out o' da gutter, man! Not *those* kind of noises... more like "You spent HOW much on a bar that does WHAT?" Now she just mutters occasionally. Tried to tell her I was taking advantage of a sale, but she'd rather I'd bought a wheel bearing with the $$ instead. Can't convince her you need to budget the luxuries first and let the necessities take care of themselves. Don't need a wheel bearing YET - the wheel's still attached to the car! :)


I knew exactly what you meant when you said that about noises Rich, you're the one with "yo' mahnd in da gutter". :L

_ken :w
Here's a unique corvette aftermarket accessory......
Optional roof panel with gutters!
whatta ya think?
Picture large aluminum ones. (house style) :_rock

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