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Anyone know where I can find these body panels???


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
Hey all, I saw this Snake Skinner ZR-1 a few years back at the NCM and ever since I saw it I never forgot about the 4-gilled side panels that it has. Now that I actually might be buying a '90 ZR-1, these panels have crossed my mind several times. I know Eckler's used to sell these, they still might, but I just have not seen them around anymore. Does anyone have any clue where I might find these??


Jay, I don't know if you're referring to "Snake Skinner" specific panels, or the upgrade offered by Eckler's.

Ecker's still offers the upgrade panels (page 212 of Catalog #131 - Spring/Summer 2001.. Can't tell you a thing about the "Snake Skinner" panels.

The one's I remember in Ecklers were not labeled as SS panels. They were just plain 'ole 4-gill panels. I think they were around $270. Unfortunately, I don't have my Eklers mag.......should be here soon though. Are they still lingering around $300?? Thanks, Ken:)

Jay, the panels depicted in the catalog are the '95-'96 style with the horizontal fins; $239.99 on "sale" at $219.99 /pair. :rolleyes:

1987 Z51 said:
Jay, the panels depicted in the catalog are the '95-'96 style with the horizontal fins; $239.99 on "sale" at $219.99 /pair. :rolleyes:


Darn:( ...Thanks for checking though. I'm keeping my eyes open.....
I checked into the Snake Skinner package for my GS and I called the manufacturer and they sent me a brochure with pricing and everything. I dont remember the name of the company or the web sight off the top of my head, but I'll dig the brochure out of my stuff when I get home tomorrow morning. If I remember right, they give a 10-15% discount to Team ZR-1 members. Just tell them your a memeber and your good.

Jason, I'd appreciate that. Hopefully your brochures turn up. I would love to be able to track down those side fenders. Thanks again:)


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