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anything i'm missing?? could use some help.



calling any CAC engine builders. i'll be swapping out my heads on my '88-L98 soon and just wanted some advice as to what parts i need to invest in to get the job done right. my goal is to hit 300+ rwhp. my car is not a daily driver so street manners are not that important but i'll be seeing some track time so need to make sure i'm up to the task when some of those turbo imports come around.:lou

what i have: new fast burn heads(assembled), oversized runners, hydraulic roller cam(.533/.560), 1.6 rockers, new lifters.

what i need?: vortec baseplate(on the way), 52mm TB, hardened push rods(what size?), headers(what size here too?), timing chain kit(single or double roller?), gaskets, valve covers, reburned chip

have i got the basics down guys? just don't want to mess things up on my precious gal.
is there anything i should expect when she's all put together, like certain engine hiccups? or codes? as usual, all your advice is welcome. just another vette loyal trying to keep the legend intact.:_rock


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Oct 25, 2003
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You have an L98 .

Call comp cams and they can set you up with the right stuff.

Push rods should be stock length.

Timing chain,gears Jegs carries for 86 bucks.
Valve covers without drip rails,low profile or wiper motor will suffer.
Rockers I think you need the self aligning.
If you use 1.6 with guide plates the short valve covers may not fit.
The headers need not be any bigger than 15/8
You need at least 23/4 inch exaust I would run 3 inch.
Jan 15, 2004
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I just installed a set of TPIS headers on my 87. The headers went on fairly easy but I did have to make a couple of knotches in a part to make it fit back up under the headers. You will get a lot of info on what to do, so sit tight.


Thanks redc4, confirms where i need to be. hadn't thought about the taller valve covers being in the way of the wiper motor. everytime i go further seems like i'm opening a can of worms than a can of whoop @ss.

Vettefan, been reading your thread on the headers. good points in there too. are you happy with the performance so far?

does anyone think i can achieve my HP goals or should i expect more/less? thanks again.

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