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Artist Renderings....


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Dec 16, 2000
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Has anyone seen the newest artist renderings for the C6??? They look to much like a viper, and they are to edgy for me. Oh, by the way, I'm talking about the drawings in May 2001 Road and Track. They should let me design it :D :D (j/k), but I'd like to see a return to a body style similar to the Sharks.


ps...I'm not a professional car designer, but I drew a C6, and I'd like to drive it more than any concepts I've seen. :J
I've see the pics that where in MotorTrend's September 2000 issue. The car looks pretty interesting. Somewhat simmilar to a Ferrari 550 I think. IMO the Corvette should have a distinctive look all it's own. At a distance I have trouble telling a C5 from a 4th gen Camaro or Firebird. I dont have that difficutie with any other generation of Corvette.

Weather or not the designers should return to the Shark body style I dont know. What ever GM comes out with it should be distinctive and definatlly Corvette.

Max Show Us

Scan your drawing and let's see it :cool: If you don't have a scanner get a digital picture of it or send me a copy and I'll scan it for ya.

You diffenently have SHARKS in your blood :D I have always liked the idea of the midengine, like the XP-882 or the XP-880 :j

working on it...

I'll definately scan a pic for everyone to see, but first I have to clean it up a bit and make it more presentable :D. When I do get it posted, you'll definately see the shark influence. :J

Hopefully a pic of my drawing...

My computer :r has been on the fritz lately, so I don't know if attaching my pic will work, but here goes anyways.

I like it - I think they should bring back more of the shark curves too! :beer
Thanks BBB454. Of course, I'm still working on it, and debating whether or not to add color. I might take it over to the college computer lab and make it nice and pretty in photoshop:D . But before I do that, I still have some pencil work to do.

For those of you who are curious, my C6 started as a simple outlining of a ZO6, then I just started adjusting lines here and there :cool . It ended up to be a modern Shark :D :D

Drawing the Future


Definitely a winner. Reminds me of the classic "Shark." GM factory Corvette with sidepipes, didn't they do that one year (option)?
Yep SHARK influenced :)

Your drawing looks pretty good.. :cool: is this a Mid-Engine??? Yea color would be neat too ;)

By the way Max what is your major? Maybe you are a young Zora or a Dave M. and we are lucky to see the beginnings :D

As of current:D I'm an Art Major with my concentration being Graphic Design. I'm not sure where I'll go from there. Right now, I probably won't get into much car design, although, I admit, it would be awesome to do that for a living. I just don't think I have quite enough talent in drawing cars :D . I'd like to stay in Colorado after graduation, so I really won't be close enough to anything for doing major stuff like that. But I'll keep doing it for fun.


oh yeah, almost forgot, as of right now, it's not a mid-engine vette. I'm thinking it has a modified version of Gm's new 8.1L V8, maybe an aluminum one??? :J (496 ci. sounds better doesn't it:D ). The new C6 should have a package making it a factory viper eater. Wouldn't that be fun??? YES IT WOULD!!!

ACK Lol those images look like a C5 without my beloved Pop up head lights NO!!!!!

(My 2 Cents)
Re: Re: 2004 CORVETTE According to Motor Trend

JT ZR-Won said:
Wow.....that's tough looking.

You constantly amaze me with the things you come up with! :L I haven't heard "TOUGH" used as a "BOSS" term to describe something in thirty years or so. :L

Keep it alive Jay! :upthumbs

Better than some other concept pics i've seen...and at least they got rid of those AWFUL C5 pop up headlights!!!Dont know why they didnt use the C4 design...much better when up!

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