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At last, she's mine!



Hi everyone,

Many thanks for all the advice you gave me over the last few weeks.

I am proud to say that I now own a red 81 vette, I am really pleased with her. I have taken her on several journeys to work and back (22miles round trip) and she hasnt given me any troubles.
I had to charge the battery up initially, but I strongly suspect that it was drained when I polished her with the radio on and the engine off!

My only grievance is that the drivers electric window makes a ratcheting noise at the top of its range of movement and it doesnt quite meet the t-top seal. I have been assured by Claremont Corvette, a company in the UK, that this is easily resolved?

Anyway, thanks again for all the advice and tips, and I will try and get a picture posted up as soon as possible.


Way to Go!

Congrats, Martin! Good luck with it.

My favorite color:J All the best. A great choice. The window is an easy fix.:cool
Cool car, Martin! :beer Every generation of Vettes are neat. :D
Nice ride Martin. ..... and side pipes too. Sweet. Now how are you going to get that big UK rectangular license plate in that little American hole? Btw... I love the old garage too.

Cheers........... Nut
Very nice!

Hi Martin,
My 78's passenger window has the same problem as yours. It will only roll up to within 2 inches of the t-top, and I have to pull it up by hand the rest of the way if it is raining. (which also means I need to push it down until the teeth engage to roll it down whenever I have pulled it up)
We have ordered a part to repair it. I think the problem is that the gear teeth may be missing a few teeth at the top of its' range. The replacement part screws onto the original and replaces the lost teeth. Instructions say this should be very straight forward.
Glad you are enjoying your red vette!
Silver aka:Heidi

Congrats! Nice to see another Shark back on the road.
Congrats, very nice, Martin! Nothing like a shiny red vette...except maybe a shiny white one but then I am a wee bit partial. :)
Very nice! But, isnt that steering wheel on the right side in the wrong country?

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