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Automatic to Manual Change??



I did a search and there was a bit of inof but not too much...

I'm looking at a '73 L-48 with an auto trans. While this is OK for now I could see in the future that I'd want to drop the auto and throw in a manual. Has anyone done this. I'm not going for a numbers matching car, just something I can enjoy.

So should I hold out for a stick or go with the good deal I've found and blow the $$ later... or is it even possible????


In Search of 68-73 chrome bumper shark for resto
email me if you have any info ----Thanks, Sean
I think u should but it and keep it Auto

I have a 74 Auto with a shift kit and it is a Blast to drive....
I prefer a manual trans in a high performance car. However, an auto with all the right tricks can be a whole lot of fun.

I have not actually done an auto to manual conversion. However, I will share a few ideas.

First of all, the frames are different. The auto trans has a bolt in cross memeber and different trans mount. The manual uses a bracket welded on the frame that holds the pivot mechanism that goes from the pedal, to the frame, to the block, down a lever to the release bearing assembly. The auto frame will not have the bracket . You will also need to hunt down a set of manual pedals to get the clutch to work.

I will be running a Quartermaster hydraulic release bearing on my four speed. This will illiminate the entire bracket assembly and not even use the bracket welded to the frame. This is what I would suggest for you. That leaves you having to get a used pedal assembly and fabricate the master cylinder rod and master cylinder mounting. Any good welder can figure out how to mount the four speed to the auto cross member.

****However, and this is a question I have---I think there were some hydraulic clutch assemblies on the last C3 vettes. If this is true we could run that master cylinder assembly******

I think your budget would be about:

$250-$500 for a good trans
$300 for a good Lakewood bell housing
$350 for a good clutch and flywheel
$270 for the Quatermaster hydraulic system
$200 for the master cylinder and hardware
$100 or so for a good set of used pedals
$100 for a good manual trans starter
$150-$300 to pay a shop to relocate/adapt the cross member.
$150 for misc tools and shop supplies.
Two to three weekends of time and effort.

I come up with about $2,000 to do it right.

The upside vs. buying one with a stick already is the project will ensure you not only get the stick, but everything will be fresh and tight. Otherwise, you have to rely on the integrity of the seller or just take your chances on a stick car to know how long the current clutch and other hardware will last.

BTW-I think the above noted conversion may scare away future buyers because it will be far from original--this will de-value the car to some people. However, how cool would it be to have a bolt in cross member and hydraulic clutch on an old shark. --that might make it worth more to somebody.

Let us know what you do.

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