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available Vacuum ports in a holley??



I only see one vacuum port coming out of the base of my holley 4160 single feed, vacuum 2ndary. It the one that goes to the valve cover to scavage fumes from there. Is there another port anywhere on this carb to run to the vacuum advance of the new MSD distributor Im putting in?? or should I just TEE the valve cover line and run to the distributor from there??
Any advice is appreciated..
I have contrary advice. Use full manifold vacuum rather than ported vacuum, too hard to get the curve right (at least for me) using ported vacuum.
Im going to do some more research on whether to use manifold or ported vacuum. Ill post what I find. In the meantime I wonder what this forum's pro's, have to say?
Oh forum pro's, you know who you are..Ported or manifold vacuum from carb to distributor?? whats the scoop, anybody know?

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