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Awaiting Z06 delivery



This is my first post on any type of "forum" but I have been searching the web for Z06 information as I have been anxiously awaiting my red Z06 delivery in Bowling green, which is scheduled for the time frame between April 23 and May 7. Would like to hear any feedback from Z06 owners regarding this car.
not a Z06 owner..

Hello caps,
Welcome to the CAC, and congrats on awaiting delivery of your Vette! I bet you are anxiously waiting!
You will find this site loaded with info and friendly people. Everyone is willing to share information about their Corvettes and Vette experiences. We do not have a Z06, we have a C3, but everyone is part of the same Corvette family...and has that same special Corvette-smile whenever they drive!
I am sure someone here can give you good feedback on the Z06.
Thanks for the response! The 78 Silver Anniversary is one of my favorites. If you have a photo here I will have to check it out.

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. Although I don't own a Z06 Vette, I think the wait will be well worth it. If you haven't already checked it out, stop by the 2001 Z06 Specification page. You can find it here by clicking on the Specifications link above and selecting the desired page.
Another Hello

Hi Caps.. waiting is so slow!!!! isn't it?

This is a great forum. Gets better each and every day! We don't have a Z06 either .. but our Vette does have the Z07 suspension option.... that's close! :) :)
You can see some members' rides by clicking Members Rides above and then View All.
I was surprised to NOT see the 78SilvAnniv there!!!!
C'mon Silver .. get with it eh! :)

All of our photos are in storage...and they are pre-paintjob. I will try to take some with this roll of film. Things are starting to green up here....I'll give myself a month deadline. May 1, 2001.
Keep after me!
ps I'll need to send them to a moderator for help with the sig pic and avatar. :) Any takers?
Re: photos

78SilvAnniv said:
...I'll need to send them to a moderator for help with the sig pic and avatar. :) Any takers?

I don't have a problem with that, Silver. Some days I'm faster than others though. ;)

Z06 wait

Welcome! I don't have one either. I have talked to people that do, and they are totally in love with it. LUCKY! :w


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