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B&B Route 66 Exhaust



Currently I have a 2001 Convertible :D , automatic, with stock exhaust.

Anyone had any experience with the B&B Route 66 Exhaust, sound & performance?

What difference does the "X" pipe make in performance or sound?



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Sep 30, 2003
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My B&B experience

B&B has a great sound -- I bought the Route 66 in November, 2005. It's about 20% louder than stock. They have a solid deep sound. The salesman at B&B told me that they have dyno'd various X, Y and other configurations, and there is no power gained by replacing the stock H pipe on a C5.

The fit is unacceptable. They claim -- as do most after-market suppliers -- to use precise mandrel bending equipment. They should train their employees on how to properly use it so that both left and right tips are bent exactly and the mufflers can be adjusted to look equally balanced from the rear. These pipes are not bent and angled symmetrically.

Both clamps they included broke immediately. Since I did not want to tack weld, I had to purchase clamps strong enough to effectively squeeze the stainless steel -- which is of course very tough as it should be. B&B should have included clamps appropriately strong for their tubing.

Worst of all, one set of tips had pitting and a rough finish. Mine are the round dual quads. B&B should train their employees to inspect and make sure to properly finish all tips smoothly and without pits.

I tried to accept the pitting and rough finish. But within three days I decided that would be stupid. When I called B&B, I found a customer service department that was not open to replacing the pitted -- therefore defective -- muffler. I then called and spoke to Bill Boat. He was willing to exchange the muffler and asked me to work with his exchange guy.

When I called him, I got the run-around for days. I was told it was shipping that day, yet when I checked the next day I was told that they had not shipped, but would ship on that day. And I got the same story the following day. I asked them to include a new clamp and was assured that they would. They did not include a replacement clamp. They also gave me a hard time when I asked them to replace the short pipe that goes from the muffler to the H pipe.

I requested that they make sure to inspect the replacement and send me a muffler with no pitting and no rough spots on the tip.

When the new muffler finally arrived, I noticed that it also was not perfect. It had a pit near the end of the polished tip. I decided to keep it... using my usual philosophy, which is, "I hope that this is the worst thing in my life".

I like the sound, and loudness, but I cannot recommend B&B for two reasons:

1.) Customer service is not willing to understand that they need to provide good customer service -- not the POOR customer service which they did provide.

2.) The fit & finish are not acceptable.

I shopped for several weeks, listened to all brands over the Internet, and still got caught with problems out of left field. I never expected these problems from a company like I believed B&B to be.


Thanks so much for the input. My local mechanic is hung up on them, so instead of trying to install them myself, he can do it. The only good part is I live in Phoenix and so is B&B. I have been to their factory so if there is a problem they can see it first hand.

Better yet, before I make the jump I will make another trip to the factory with your letter and ask for Billy to see his reaction. Any hesitation or if he flinches I will be out of there.

Thanks again,

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