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Back in 86 Chevrolet decided that in mid year they would change to aluminium heads and go with centerbolt valve covers. Well that was fine,but was the 86E 350 the same as all other 350's before. The big question here is will the intake off of an 86E with the old iron heads fit an older blockand heads(1972).
The engine in question is a 1972 4-bolt main that is .30 over with a little over 9.5 to 1 compression , a .512 inch lift cam and 1.5 roller rockers. I had it dyno'ed at 360hp and 390lbs/ft.
Would it be worth the time to swap all the TPI stuff over to this engine (if it will match up) and drop it in. I know I will need to have a new chip programmed , but would there be anything else.

Brian :confused

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