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Back in Black----pictures...........


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Okay, not like the car is back in black, as that may be the only color it had not been painted in the last 32 years. However, as much as I believe every Corvette should be red, silver is awesome, and yellow will stop traffic, there is NOTHING like pure six foot deep mirror shine black with chrome trim. I like to paint them from the inside out. The tricky part now is not getting any overspray on these areas. The outside still needs some primer work and more hand work.



Note how the engine bay came out. We sprayed light grade truck bedliner material on the inner part of the outside fender and on the lower portion of the firewall. Check out the trick custom fuel lines and mounting block. One is the feed, one is the return, and one is a vent to keep the stinky smells down in the garage.

Looking great. How many hours have you put in so far???
You sure are talented. Thanks for keeping us updated and yes black is beautiful...

I have THOUSANDS of hours--maybe not, but it sure feels like it. We were looking at it last night talking about how far it has come, and of course, how much further it has to go. I don't think I am at the half way point yet. That will come when the engine is in.

Budget wise, it is just now going to get real expensive. I have priced out the front chrome and trim. It will be nearly $3K to cover the first 18" of the car with nice new parts!

Oh well, you only live once. At least I will know this car is 100% from top to bottom and back again. That may only have value to me.

Does this mean I get to join the Black Sheep Club?
Back in Black

One of my favorite songs/favorite bands. Looking good, Chris. Always wanted a black one. Don't go playing those "Mind Games" on me while I'm looking at getting Xena painted.

If the Black Sheep won't have you, GETCHA will.
Unfortunately this is the only picture I have that conforms to the size limitations. The black & chrome look sharp.

I am struggling to find the chrome inserts to the side vents. Maybe I'll get a tip at the upcoming Vette Fest in Chicago.
Dude!! This is looking great!! I am anticipating an engine rebuild sometime next year. I hope, when I'm ready to put the new engine in, that mine looks as good!!

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