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backpicture of the backside of a original 1969 instrument cluster



Does anyone have a picture of the backside of an original instrunment panel cluster for a 1969 corvette convertible.

Would certainly appreciate. Oh and one that has wires hooked up or even where I might find one?

Thanks Don :confused :confused

I pretty much have all that out and about ready to go into long term storage. Anway, I can take whatever picture you want. Not sure you can learn much from it, as I don't have the wires hooked, and the harness just falls limp laying on the floor and it is very difficult to determine which end is up.

Let me know what you are trying to find out and I will see if I can take a specific picture for you, or describe something.

BTW, I don't remember where that additional circuit you asked about before actually plugged in. It does appear one side was power and the other ground. Those are used to reduce electrical noise from getting into the stereo.


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