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battery change out


Sep 16, 2006
2002 electron blue coupe
Everyone in here has been great, thanks for the help. But ofcourse i have another question. This battery was changed out in July 2004, should i change it out now? i know they normally only last a couple of years. Had to do a re- charge on it (dealer recommended, he said battery was good) and it is doing ok, but i do live in colorado, not that i plan on driving it much come winter, but we already got snow today! i am a native and that is early.:L So just wondering would rather be safe then sorry but don't want to throw money away, if i should replace should i get the red top gel i hear so much about?:confused
The newer redtops are having there share of problems from what I hear....Exide seems to be the battery of choice for many these days. Get an inexpensive battery maintenence charger that automatically turns off when the battery is charged........that's what I do and seems to work just fine!
Optima's are spiral wound lead acid battery's, not gel cells. If your battery load tested good (1/2 CCA), then you don't need a new battery. A battery tender is a good idea for any vehicle that sits for extended periods to reduce sulfation.
cranking from a low battery results in diminished battery capacity. For a car that sits, either leave it on a tender or use the tender to bring the battery to full before cranking from it when vehicle has been sitting. Also, even on a car getting regular use, particularly in extreme heat or cold and short trips, put the battery on a tender overnight every month at least to bring the battery to maximum. You will find far increased service life that way.
My original AGM in my 02 finally went out with a "bang" and I went with the Exide Orbital. There seems to be a rash of Optima failures and I wanted something more reliable. I also keep it on the Tender when I know I won't be driving the car for several days.

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