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Battery type for a 74



What is the correct battery for a 1974 coupe?

Model of Die Hard?

Dimensions if possible?



I'm at work at the moment so I can't give you any specifics until later but someone else may be able to fill in the blanks. Batteries in 74 were still the old fashioned type, I believe. The new-style sealed batteries didn't become available until 78 or 79 in Vettes, they were the first Delco Freedom batteries. Unless you are dead-set on an NCRS Top-Flight absolute original car, go with the newer style sealed battery for safety and reliability, especially considering how cold it gets in your neck of the woods. As for the dimensions, can't help you there but they had a smaller footprint than the batteries used today so it can take some creativity to secure them. I don't think Sears even produces a Die Hard that isn't sealed anymore.

Hope this helps. :w.

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