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I am collaborating with 69MyWay on a book to cover the best mods for a C-4. We are interested in your best ideas for any aspect of the car. This could include, but not limited to, suspension and handling, engine performance, cures for common problems, comfort, and any other mod that you "engineered" that improved your car. If your idea is selected for publication, you will receive recognition in the book (pictures, bio), so you can become a part of Corvette history. Chris and I hope to clear enough on the book to be able to keep working on our cars!!! It would also be interesting to help people make their Corvettes into the car that they want.

So, e-mail me with your ideas. The more documentation the better. Once selected for inclusion, I will come to your car and gather final documentation and pictures. Hope to hear from many of you!



Expanding on the first post

To expand on the concept, the idea does not have to be something you "invented" it could be an aftermarket product that you installed and were happy with. We are looking for good ideas, not just original ones. So, if you feel that ANY mod you have performed on your ride was worth the time, trouble, effort, and expense....make some brief notes and let us hear from you. This can also include tools and fixtures. Basically, anything that made (or contributed to the making) the Corvette you own (or wish you owned) a better car.


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