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Belts !!!!!!!!!!!!!



All of my belts are in bad shape on my 1977. I have an automatic, with air conditioning, L-48. How many belts should I have? Also, what is the easiest way to change these little buggers?

Thanks for your help.

Larry (77 RED)
Larry, You should have 3 belts. 1: Alternator 1:power steering and 1: AC. They are pretty straight farward with the power steering being the hardest to replace due to where it is. Make sure you loosen all pivot bolts before trying to tighten the belts. And then don't forget to retighten them after you have the belts tight. Tighten the belts to where you can move them down about 3/4 inch, do not overtighten or you may wear out the bearings in the Alternator and power steering pump. don't leave them to loose or they will slip and squall...........Steve

don't forget to check the alignment of the belts as well. This could cause premature wear on the belts and other problems as well.
Belts ????????/

Thanks guys for all of your help.


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