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Bent Wheel- Options?



A friend of mine has a bent rear wheel on his '97 coupe (stock wheels) The damage is on the inside edge and is bent inward about 3/4" Anybody have a good expiriece with having aluminum wheels straightened? What do the wheel repair places charge?

Thanks in advance!
There seems to be a trend towards repairing wheels nowadays, and it's certainly understandable considering the cost involved in replacement. I have seen many advertisements for wheel repair in various magazines, such as Road & Track, and Automobile. I did have one of the Gottis repaired on mine when I crashed it and I haven't had any problems with that rim.

Just be sure it's a reputable shop and you shouldn't have any problems. ;)

_ken :w
H ithere,
Yes, I have a local place do all my aluminum repairs. They can also repair the magnesiums. Top notch firm, excellent quality.
If you cannot find a place local to you, just hit me an E, and I can forward the information.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
Yes ther are many good places that straighten wheels. I have had it done and I done have any problems with the wheel. Just make sure you find a good place that has experience. Good luck.

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