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Best & cheap way to get MORE POWER from Z06-01 ?



I had just bought my DREAM CAR (Z06-01) and the next day I happen to read about the new 2002 Z06 with the extra 20hp. I was a little dissapointed and would like to know the best mods to gain a few (hopefully 20) extra HP. Thanks.
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I'd enjoy it for what it is for a while before I'd start modifying it. Just MHO Bill. ;)

Congratulations on purchasing a Z06 and welcome to the Corvette Action Center. You may want to pick up the latest edition of VETTE magazine which you should be able to find at your local bookstore's magazine rack. It is the December issue and they have an excellent article on Z06 bolt on modifications with dyno testing.
Save your money on bolt-ons and invest in driving school lessons. You will be able to make dramatic improvements to your car's performance on the road race track or drag strips with better driving skills.

Hell, I know of bozo Viper owners that have bolt-on headers, exhaust and gears that can't break 13 seconds. What kind of sense does that make when a stock Viper runs 12.0 seconds (I have heard of stock Vipers running in the 11.7's and better)? I personally think that bolt-ons are way overrated.

That Z06 is a wonderful and forgiving track car. Go out and enjoy it, and learn how to finesse that car around a nice road course. I guarantee you that you can beat Vipers around the track before you know it.

Be safe.

Viper 10 is right on the money for improved performance. It's not too hard to get the extra 20 ponies. You could go with an intake and shorty headers. That would get you there, or maybe slightly ahead.. But I don't really think you would see much of a performance increase unless you are one heck of a driver.
A few inexpensive mods I've done on my 2001 Z06 are:

2002 top air box cover about $45
K & N filter about $50
Hurst shifter about $175 (on order now)

and ofcourse 2002 Z06 405HP emblems about $40

other non-hp mods but most definitely needed are :

CAGS bypass about $20
column lock bypass about $75
Z06 exhaust plate about $80

future mods for me are:

different MAF

Good luck,

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