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Best Place to get interior carpet???


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Dec 16, 2000
Soon to be Greeley, CO
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Summer is rapidly approaching, and now's the time for me to start considering what I can buy for my Vette :D. The one thing I need to get is a complete interior carpet set. Any suggestions on where to get one???

Any experience with the following...

Mid America
Corvette Central
Zip Corvette

I see that the price is the same in Ecklers and Mid America...Is the service and quality the same as well? Any suggestions and help is much appreciated. :)

I can't wait to go for a drive, the weather is getting so nice, 65 here today, and my car is 5 hours away :(. I'll have to wait till May to go for a drive. CDS is tough. :D

I don't know if it's the best place but I put all new carpet in my 81 two years ago and purchased the carpet form Corvette America. Good fit, quality, delivery and reasonable pricing. The main reason I purchased from them was due to the fact I also purchased new seat skins and door panels. My interior color is Cinnabar so I wanted a good match and they advertise color accuracy and is was.

Buy direct from Al Knoch and probably save a few bucks. I'll post the web site in the morning when I'm home. You could also try http://www.tld-corvette.com/ The Last Detail and http://www.yankeelady.com/willcox/ Willcox Chevrolet. Willcox is a good place to buy from, I bought a 9 piece weatherstrip set from them for less than anyone else including Corvette Rubber Co who supplies them.
Tomlin said:
...Corvette America. Good fit, quality, delivery and reasonable pricing.

I got mine thru the National Corvette Owners Club (they had (or have) a deal going with I believe Corvette America, or was it Corvette Accessories, or was it Auto Accessories of America, or was it Auto Custom Carpet????????
Help, I'm soo-o-o confused now... :L
Thnx Bunches!!!

Hey, thanks for the links Scott. I checked em out, and both are cheaper than Mid Am, Ecklers, and the rest. I'll definately keep them bookmarked so I can order some carpet as soon as I get home. I can't wait :) !!! It'll be so nice to have unstained carpet in my Vette. Think it'll bring back that new car smell? hehe. :)

Or, you might check out the prices at some of the Corvette Action center supporting venders..........................Just a thought:)........Steve

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