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Best places for Corvette stuff?

Feb 13, 2003
San Jose, CA
1972 LT-1/Air coupe w/all options
Okay, it's almost spring which means it's time for me to start thinking about projects. . .

My question to y'all is this: Which Corvette catalog(s) provide the best stuff at the best prices?

I'm not sure what I'm going to tackle, but I need to address paint (touch up, not a full paint job - yet), chrome, exhaust and maybe more.

So who is the best?

Mid America?

Corvette Central?

Zip products?


Corvette America?

Someone else entirely?

'fess up!
I liked Corvette Central when I had my 1977. Now Mid America and Eklers for my 2004.
I like corvette central,Erik but I think they will use each other as I have ordered paint from corvette central and it was sent from corvette america!
but 99% of my parts have come from corvette central!
personally, I tend to avoid the places that have as much stock in accessories like clothing, jewery, and other knick-knacks as they do in actual parts.

On my '65 I usually order from Paragon or LICS.

for my '78 most of my parts are coming from DocRebuild. If you need any NOS or CORRECT repro parts than DocRebuild is probably the best.
Volunteer Vette Products also carries C3 parts and their prices are decent.
Last year I did an extensive amount of work on my 64 and my order of usage is:

1. Mid America
2. Corvette Central
3. Corvette America

I usually compare the prices across these three and go from there. I have also found that Corvette Central would match prices on like products from the others.
For my 86 and 89, it was all Mid-America, except when they just didn't carry something. Then it was Eckler's, who always seemed to be more expensive on the same items. Now that I have the 76 Project Car, I will at least start with Mid-America until they prove otherwise. Eckler's does have a very good line of OEM restoration parts, but some of the prices are just blowing me away. Hopefully I will find another source.
I'm doing a frame off resto on a 69 and 95% of parts are coming from Doc Rebuild. Their catalog is great for info and the parts are perfect so far.I don't think there is anything they don't have for the project. Interior is Wilcox or Al Knoch. Just my opinion !
interior stuff......wilcox is the best in both product and customer service in my opinion. al knoch is a close second

real stuff (nos or the right replacement) doc rebuilt is the best (not the cheapest, but the stuff is correct) with corvette central a real close second in both product and customer service in my opinion.

it seems that almost all the parts houses "share" product and it is not unusual to order from one and get a part packaged by another. wilcox for instance uses a lot of corvette america interior products (they also are a real good source of NOS parts, but they are no where near as complete as doc rebuild)

often, however you need to check a variety of the usual sources to find the part you need as ecklers may carry a hinge that no one else bothers with, or paragon might have a particular cable in stock that everyone else has on back order, etc.

unfortunately your question can't be answered easily as everyone has had good and perhaps bad experiences or has places they favor because of service, etc. in my opinion however you can't go wrong with wilcox, doc rebuild and corvette central to start out with.
I am buying everything from Mid America but only because its only an hours drive from here to go get it. I used to order from Ecklers and got a few pieces from Vanacor before.
Thanks for all of your responses. I, too, was looking for the same information for my 76 Project Car.
All of them

I have used all of them....depends on what Im looking for


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