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Best Sounding Exhaust Systems



'96 350/330 Collector's Edition 6Speed

Does anyone know what exhaust systems sound the best?
Is there a muffler (only) that I could add that would give a better sound along with a few HP increase? Everything I've researched is around $1000.00 for the complete system without the Headers. Just the mufflers by themselves is in the $500.00 range. I remember when I was younger, we had 'Glass-pack' mufflers which sounded pretty good. And they were cheap. Can something like this work on the Corvette?
Throw a Cherry Bomb on mason jars! (kidding)

I LOVE my Dynomax Welded SS mufflers.

Ive heard my setup on a friends car and he has Headers (Hedman) Dynomax Weled SS exhaust (same as mine) and really really nice tips (with the yellow mesh and stuff in them)

That sounded Awsome so good Im doing it to mine I got the mufflers aleady (love em) and the next stage is my Tips (I think they are a Ferarri tip Im not sure)

But Glass Pack systems will always sound good.

OH Off subject I want Fire out of my tail pipes How do I do that I really really really want that.
Will Glass Packs go on a '96 Vette (350/330), and if so which one?
I ordered a B&B TriFlo sys. for my 1994... I got a complete cat-back system for $899 from corvette america...I'll let you know how it sounds, it should arrive either thursday or friday (It better! My plates expire at the end of the month and I need to pass emmissions this year...and at the moment I have no exhaust on at all!)

which reminds me...
*** Don't buy side pipes!!!! they will rust out completely after only a few years and you'll bottom out EVERY DAY!!!!!! However, you will get complements all the time.... but again... they're not worth it! ***
If you're only changing the mufflers, but leaving the factory exhaust manifolds and cats in place, you can achieve a more agressive sound and a couple hp with an aftermarket set of mufflers. One thing to think about, though, is that you go on a modifications quest, the more you modify, the louder the car will become. I've got the Borla mufflers on my '93 LT1 without cats, no resonator, headers, etc and the thing is downright obnoxious when you stand on it. Cruising is ok, not headache material, but it is difficult to talk on a cell phone. The tone and volume is incredible at WOT and is addicting to hold the pedal down more often!

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