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Big Bank



I didn't know if it was the beginning of the universe or the end of the world, but when that Big Bang came from the 94 when I started it, I filled my pants, my heart stopped and I envisioned all my retirement going to buy a new engine.

It did finally start after a few minutes and has been running OK? since then except for the "brake!" light comes on for a couple of seconds everyonce in awhile.

Anyone have this experience and found an explanation?

I'll drive it until it dies, then let my wife push.

Enjoy it while you got it (Family & Vette).

Dale :confused :_rock
Just a quirk Dale. ;)

Hey, have you met up with your cohorts yet from down your way? Bullitt is one of 'em, and newbie aka: Worthey- (You can call me "Sir") is another.

As a matter-of-fact, check the "Food" post, Bullitt just spoke highly of San Antone. ;)

_ken :w
Hey Ken

Bullitt gotta be the guy who keeps blowin my doors off as I'm crusin down the ole interstate at #!%+.

San Antone do have some good eatin spots. The spices are killing me but what a way to go. Over my million years plus, I've found (by accident [not the Vette]) excellent food all over the world. East coast has some great seafood, Maine to Florida. Midwest has great Steaks and Pork and the West and West Coast has great everything. To tell the truth, I came to Texas from the Midwest weighing 185 lbs. Now I weigh 240+.

What does this have to do with the Vette. EVERYTHING. It means more excuses to DRIVE.

Be Cool, Have Fun.

Dale :t

Just a little note here.....saw a bumper sticker the other day ..
It said....

I beleive in the BIG BANG theory.....GOD SAID IT....AND BANG IT HAPPENED!!!


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