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Blower Motor



I ran a wire from the Battery and motor runs fine so I replaced the relay and it still won't come on. I checked the wire from the relay to the motor and it's ok and I have power to the relay. Could it be the actual Control unit inside the car or the control board by the steering column.
Help Please!!!
I also Toasted the Fusable Link that goes to the Relay. Anybody know where the Link is for this


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Hang in there, somebody will be along to help you with this. My Vette wasn't running for a while because I couldn't track down the culprit. It turned out to be a fusible link that was preventing it from running. I took it to a shop finally because as it turned out, it was in an area I wouldn't have found otherwise. And I'm sorry to say that I cannot remember the location at this time. :eek:

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I have been through all of that. First...remove thepassenger front inner rear fender well so you can get to the motor. remove the blower motor. Now the relay is just under the motor. Follow the leads back and you will find a connector on the other side of the a/c and heater core. It will be near the exhaust. There will be a big red wire, a black wire and off hand I do not remember the colors of the rest.But....check and make sure the black wire has a good ground, or else the high setting will not work, only the low and medium. Check all the leads inside the connector for corrosion. Next pull the relay out and take the cover off. Check the contacts for corrosion. I used a small piece of sandpaper to clean them off.
If you can find a haynes manual it has a pretty good schematic of the blower motor and related circuitry, witrh it you can trace it all back. That is how I got mine working a year ago.Still works fine.Any questions just ask....

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