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Body on Frame


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Thanks to the help of a good friend, we were able to get the body back on the frame today. This is the first time the body has been on the frame in a year. The same friend helped to pull it apart last year.

I tried to post some pictures but they are too large. I need to sign up with a web service I guess or get a home page. In any event, I will be happy to share via e-mail with anybody that is curious what a full VB and products suspension looks like on a bare frame. The sad part is that you can barely see or appreciate any of my hard work cleaning and detailing now that the body is back in place. At least I know everything is clean, shinny, and rust free. I also painted the trans, drive shaft, diff, and half shafts in base coat clear coat 97 Corvette silver. You have to get on the ground now to see them.

I am still working on the logistics of building the motor, painting the firewall, bonding the front clip, etc. etc. in such a way that I don't risk damaging the body and avoid any overspray.

I would like to hear from any of you that have done it before and exactly how you did it.
Hey Chris, I'd love to see what you've got done. I'm lucky enough to have VB's office near me (been there a couple of times), they have some front and rear ends made up on the show room floor, but don't have a whole car on display. Send me an email and let me know how I can check them out. My address is a69_vette@hotmail.com. Can't wait to see.
No problem,

Just sent them to you. Hope the file won't be too large. Let me know if you can't view them and I will send just one or two at a time instead of all six.
Got it with no problems. I'm using a dsl line. Send as much as you want. Great photo's!

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