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Body Side Moldings


J.T. Marlin

How are the body side moldings attached to the side of the Corvettes?
C5s are the only ones with body side moldings? Right? Well, if a specific year: 2001.
I thought maybe you were referring to the belt line moulding on the C4s. I mean,
...side moldings attached to the side of the Corvettes.
isn't very specific. ;)

Sorry, I can't help ya. :(


J. T.,
I haven't looked at them real close but they have to be attached with an adhesive. Probably a 2 sided moulding tape. They just don't drill holes in doors like they used to.

The body side moldings were an option on all C5s. To double check, take a look at the C5 Specification pages here at that CAC. As for how they're attached, although I can't verify it, I'd venture to agree with Tom.
:J Yes,
There is a way to remove the BSMs.
1. Monofilament or dental floss
2. WD 40
3. Start at one end of the BSMs and spray some WD40 on the edge of the BSMs and gradually work the monofilament or dental floss on the adhesive side of the BSMs and they will gradually come off. Take your time!!!!!!!!!!!

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